Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Shane Day

Its December 25th again and its time to celebrate Shane MacGowans birthday.

It seems that while America continues its War Against Shane, by refusing to ever play A Fairytale of New York on any of those 'all christmas' radio stations that threaten to drive us all insane; it is number 1 in the UK all over again.

While its never going to be my favourite Pogues song, it is the only christmas ditty that doesn't instantly induce vomiting.

I finally got to see Shane and The Pogues this year and shambling as he was you can't say the man doesnt still have a sort of charisma. But you have to wonder what he could have achieved even half sober over the last 30 years.

Happy Birthday Shane and Happy Christmas yer arse.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Air Sculptures

The Torture Never Stops

Air sculpture was the name Frank Zappa (1940-1993) gave to his guitar solos. Frank would have been 71 today if he hadn't fallen victim to prostate cancer. These two tracks come from the last tour that Zappa abandoned part way through because he got tired of his fractious band.

But for all the anomosity between some of its members, he still called one of the albums from that final tour "The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life"

Watermelon In Easter Hay

Sad to say that he never took another band on the road, because for all the studio hi-jinx, classical aspirations and toilet humour, this is what he did maybe better than anyone else... 

Air sculpture.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Cricket in the Hearth...Not!

Saturday we took Banished Jr out to the Winter Wonderland. He loved it. All those robot elves and animated critters in a world of artificial fuzzy snow. We had to go around 3 times before we could go home.

But the one that really took my eye was this wonderfully seasonal Xmas mantis. I mean it was wrapped up warm as it turned from side to side in its little grotto complete with china cabinet, fireplace  and tiny tree. The red scarf looked warm and the pearls were an imaginative touch but still...

Its a mantis chaps. Just how Christmas is that?  

I'm sorry I don't have video for this, as lethal front leg wave was so cute.

Goldenrod seed heads with just a touch of frost at the weekend. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tom Waits For No Man

Tom  Waits doesn't want to grow up.
But he's 62 today anyway.
Happy Birthday.

Don't we all feel this way some days?