Sunday, July 7, 2013

Brain One

More musical juvenilia this morning. We've had the improvisation before and combative sound art collage and now here is the Brian 'Brain One' Eno inspired ambient electronic epic.
I'm not sure exactly when this was done. I'd guess around 15 years ago. The software whatever it was came with a PC I bought. I imagine it remains there to this day, likely somewhere in Gloucestershire, likely a landfill by now I imagine.
I messed around with the various beats and samples it contained, combining and recombining, stretching everything out to ludicrous slow tempi looping the lot at about 15 minutes and stitching them end to end. So what came out was a one hour multi track loop that I could then go through mixing as I went. There were, frighteningly, 3 of these. There were to be 4, one for each season but even I got bored. They were burned to CD as finished audio, the only way available at the time to move that much data out of a PC. Now there are 2 my having lost the my favourite, winter, piece somewhere down the line.
So if you have an hour to spare you can find the Autumn piece here

Make that 40 minutes. The upload seems to start to foul up at that point and by the end its just static.
But I'm not going to mess with it. You'll get the idea after about a quarter of an hour anyway.
The CD had a cover using this image from Fall 2003
The best  year I remember for autumn colour in the UK and my last before I headed over here.

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