Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Bit Of A Clean Up

Some times you just need to tidy up a little.

I have pictures hanging around from last week that don't fit a theme, or a scheme or anything else. Just some pictures out and about from the hottest week of the year so far.

 There was the jumping spider (most likely Platycryptus undatus) running around the edge of Jrs. pool  And another , not the same species, over at the Botanical Gardens watching me over the edge of a leaf when I got too close.

 Bug nymphs both at home:

The ever present Zelus luridus

And at the Botanical Gardens again, unidentified Assassin Bug nymphs (family Reduviidae). 

 Made 2 trips to the Gardens last week. One at the beginning of the week, Jr.-less and one last Sunday with Jr in tow...though usually in front, with most of our time spent at the waterplay fountains. It was VERY hot and humid. 

On the Monday in the Butterfly house I snapped this female ovipositing on the PawPaw.

And on Sunday, even the dragonflies were looking for a little shade. Particularly the Slaty Skimmers. Maybe they feel the heat more being such dark blue and absorbing more.

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