Thursday, June 27, 2013

Smile Pod

From the iPod this morning comes Smile by The (mighty) Fall. I twice tried to see them and failed to for various reasons on both occassions. Only once was it because Mark E Smith decided he wasn't going on that night. 

Mr 'Northern White Crap That Talks Back' always did have a memorably venemous turn of phrase and on 'Smile' the one that always bobs to the surface is "Lickspittle southerner, waiting for next holiday by gas-miser" 

This is from 'Perverted By Language' one of my 2 favourite Fall albums together with Hex Enduction Hour.

Live video from Channels 4's The Tube in 1983 has its good and bad points. Huge good point is the introduction by John Peel the BBC DJ who forged so much of my musical taste and that of most other Brits I know of my age. Probably the best work The Fall ever did is contained in the Peel sessions.

The downside is that the band at the time included  blonde girlfriend (or was it wife by this time?) Brix Smith. Her perkiness is plain annoying and whats worse is that she tried to dress the rest of the band as if they were something other than a bunch of scruffy oiks who just "took (their) last clean dirty shirt out of the wardrobe"

A final  observation and comment on Mark E. Smith from Mr Key at Hooting Yard. Yes Frank the resemblance is remarkable in so many ways.

Oh what the hell here is Tempo House from the same album. Performed live in Leeds.
I'm just too good to you

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