Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Busy Blogger

Last weekend was very hectic. Friday we had a tropical storms worth of rain but thankfully not the wind to go with it. And this leading up to Banished Jr's Saturday birthday party at the Botanical Gardens in Norfolk. And if I'm doing party photos I can't take all the right lenses. So amongst all the running, jumping and standing still I found a few minutes to grab some other pictures. The weather had cleared happily and the sun shone brightly.
We had the first Halloween Pennants of the year.
This huge hairy Tiger Moth caterpillar
Several Swamp Darners, the biggest our dragonflies
This teeny tiny Kaytdid instar almost too small to get a focus on.
And, sitting quietly coiled in a tree, this Black Snake. Looking, by the thickness of the body and the size of the scales to be around a 4 foot specimen. It sat coiled, tongue flickering watching us below. I do wish I'd had the long lens though, it would have made a better picture.
Jr. had a pirate party at the gardens and the tables featured black napkins.
Yes, Black Napkins!
Then Sunday at home the Yucca is in full bloom and this year it has put out 2 flower spikes. Ones is around 7 feet and the other about 5. And Yucca flowers mean Leaf Footed Bugs (Leptoglossus phyllopus) or Yucca Bugs as they are known around our house.

Plus colourful little flies of the Condylostylus
And Margined Leatherwing beetles (Chauliognathus marginatus ) sharing the yucca.

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