Saturday, June 22, 2013

To The Rescue

Arrived home Thursday in the rain and looked out into the backyard and into Banished Jrs. pool just off the deck. There, floating, was an odd shape. Not a leaf, not one of many small beetles that end up there and need to be saved. Having scooped it out and dried it off it turned out to be this.
It is a Luna Moth caterpillar that must have fallen from the Sweetgum Tree that overhangs the pool.. Normally they are a bright green but they apparently turn this fat bloated pink just before they are about to pupate.
I brought it inside together with some of the leaves from the sweetgum and a twig and put everything in a large jar. The next morning he/she/it was wrapped in 2 leaves and a bunch of silk, pupated. The moth should emerge in around 2 weeks and I just hope I'll be around to get the pictures. Either way the moth will be released as soon as emerged. The adult only lives around a week and doesn't even feed. Fly breed and die. 
 In the words of Anthony Aloysius St John Hancock
"Stone me, what a life!"

Now there are two in the jar, the same happened Sunday morning too. I guess I'll need to change the pool position next summer

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