Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Early Show

The first of the very early Black Swallowtails emerged this morning from the pupa on the overwintered fennel plant.

I went out at around 10.00 not really expecting them today but this one was already emerged and the wings were pretty much dried out. I actually moved it from the overgrown and shadowed fennel to the dill on the deck for a better view and better light. Just happily perched on my finger while I moved it across.

This is a male based on all that yellow on the upper side of the wings. The female has mainly blue.
The light was nice out there on the  deck for some close-ups.

You can see the individual scales that make up that striking pattern.

The first Black Swallowtail I know emerged last year was one I just missed on 26th JUNE last year thats a whole month later than this year. Down to having the fennel out so early after over-wintering in a sheltered corner and the whole winter and spring being so mild

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