Monday, May 14, 2012

I Had Always Intended To Explain Episode 3

There were Eastern Pondhawks and Blue Dashers around the pond Sunday but I havent had time to download the pictures yet. One of those days when it was hard to get good pictures. Warm as it was it was still breezy and the dragonflies were fighting over the good perches and didnt any of them settle for long before they were chased off By the next. New artificial perches are needed too after the winter. I need to get some cattail stalks in place in my favourite little bay.

But for today here are a couple more examples of men with too much time on their hands from "I Had Always Intended To Explain How I Bred Certain Of My Ants" 

We daintily open Max's tatty, rancid brain when he is dead. Fool!

And I once heard Lex play a nasty din made with bits of wet iron.

Drawings, as ever by Chris Atton, these being 'After Robert Fludd "  aka Robertus de Fluctibus .
Don't you wish you were aka  Robertus de Fluctibus?

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