Friday, June 1, 2012

In Concert

The second of the two early Swallowtails duly emerged on Sunday morning. Usefully for the blog it turned out to be a female which gives us an excellent opportunity to compare the two for ID purposes.

If we look back at Saturday's specimen we can see all that yellow on the upper surface of the wings. But looking at Sundays we see:
Very little yellow at all particularlly on the forewings.

Lots of activity this hot weekend. What looked like the first Needhams skimmer perched momentarily on the fence Sunday but was away before I got close enough and over said fence to next door.

Interesting and colourful true bug nymph on one of the trees Sunday too.

This is apparently a Florida Predatory Stink Bug nymph Euthyrhynchus floridanus. Striking colours.  After the BugGuide ID I looked at the adult picture and realised that I had seen it and photographed it before way back in 2004 during my 'idle' summer before I had my work permit and my long days were filled with ferretting around the yard, digging new flower beds, fixing stuff on the house and deck and photographing with my then new little camera, the Olympus that I now let Banished Jr. use.
2004's adult Florida Predatory Stink Bug

That was a good camera for all but the closest macro and it had an admirable depth of field. May of that year, when I had all that free time it got me some very nice  Northern Green Frog Lithobates clamitans melanota that I havent got nearly as good since. I thought this was a bullfrog but as usual I'm wrong.
The pond margins are too over grown now and the cover is too good to get  a view like this. I know the bull frogs are out there, I hear them when ever I go down to the pond,. And booming through the warm nights. The best are nights when the Green frogs too are singing. These move in and out of synch the whole thing producing a Steve Reich-ian amphibian concert night after night... If you can stand the mosquitoes long enough to sit out side and listen.


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