Friday, May 25, 2012

The Spiders And the Fly

Just a couple of spiders and an interesting fly today. While its been warm the last week its also been breezy which is the macrophotographers enemy and most days, by the time I've reached home the pop-up thunder storms have popped up and kept me out of the yard.

The spiders are both little jumpers.

This little Phiddipus was living above the front door but I was forced to relocate it before Mrs B spotted it and terminated with extreme prejudice. It has been moved to a safe house the location of which I will not reveal under any circumstances so dont ask!  

And in the back yard on one of the buddleia was this Hentzia, looks like H. mitrata but my spider ID skills are just awful. I've just given up posting spiders at BugGuide at anything closer than Order level due to my always being wrong.

The fly, who incidently didn't fall victim to either of the two above so far as I know, is a Signal Fly of some sort I think. A member of the family Platystomatidae. Maybe even of the genus Rivellia, but I'm very likely wrong about that last bit.


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