Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Stripey Jumper

This little spider is a male Hentzia palmarum. He was dashing and jumping all over Jrs little playhouse in the yard.  Actually I doubt if Jr. would fit too well these days as he had the playhouse since he was 2.  But I'd hate to see it go as its roof especially is a great place for spotting beasties that are otherwise lost in the foliage.

H. palmarium here is only around a 1/4 inch long but incredibly quick. Look at those over sized grasping front legs. And those fangs! If he lands on you, and he was jumping a couple of inches at a time yesterday, you arent getting away easily.

Of course the title 'pun' only works for the Brits, but a stripey sweater isnt funny. 

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