Friday, April 27, 2012

Not The Best But The Biggest

I was keeping my old Olympus digital in the desk drawer at work, but I've been carrying it in the camera bag lately and letting Banished Jr use it when we go out. But I do wish I'd had it with me today.

Instead, thanks be to my colleague John who has an iphone that has a half decent camera on it.

We found this beauty hanging out in the corridor this morning. But after grabbing some pictures and adding the ruler for good measure...good measure!... I slay me... we ushered her away before the arachnophobic peasants got wind and came waving pitchforks, flaming torches and 'bugspray'.

Looks like a Wolf Spider but I'm hanging on for a positive species I.D. A good size as you can see but still not up there with the Carolina Wolf  we found in West Virginia my first year here. Mrs  B thought the girls were having a little joke with that huge rubber spider. Until it moved. I didnt get a measurement on that one as it ended up as a smear. But it was bigger and chunkier than this. 

UPDATE: Doesnt look so much like the Hogna species I found in WV because its not a Wolf but a fishing spider. One of the Dolomedes. Not the one I get around my pond which is D. triton (Six Spotted fishing spider) but likely D scriptus. No I didnt just get to be a spider expert but at Bugguide Lynette Schimming certainly is. Where would I be without her.
Incidently our exiled spider's exile didn't last very long. Within the hour she was back inside... this time hanging around looking even bigger on the ceiling. If it stays put over the weekend I'll be back Monday with the camera 

For a fantastic fishing spider picure check out this D.triton at BugGuide. Not one of mine, god knows I wish it was. 

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