Thursday, April 19, 2012

Palindromic Pod

And from my iPod just because I love it comes the title track Kew Rhone from the 1977 album by John Greaves, Peter Blegvad and Lisa Herman.

Greaves and Blegvad came together when Greaves's band Henry Cow  and Blegvad's Slapp Happy  united. But Blegvad's sense of the absurd really didn't gel with H Cow's political 'directness' and they parted company. Greaves left not too long after and they began working together in New York and produced one of the overlooked gems of "prog rock" though this is far closer to jazz than to rock for me. Other musicians include Carla Bley and Mike  Mantler  in whos studio the album was recorded. Lisa Hermans voice is wonderful.
One day I will have to post Swelling Valley  from their late 80s collaboration 'The Lodge' that really shows her at her best.

This perfectly illustrates Peter Blegvad's lyrical concerns. Anagrams and the longest palindrome I know. Brit's who don't know Blegvad's music might well know his cartoon strip   Leviathan  from the Independent On Sunday.

"Peels foe not a set animal laminates a tone of sleep"

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