Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lurid Can be A Good Thing


It isn't a word with many positive connotations. It always seems a little harsh for poor Zelus luridus my yard's most numerous assassin bug. But they are pretty bright right through their lifecycle and usually when we see them its because they stick out like a sore thumb against some unsuitable background. Like so:

But now it is spring , the blossom is come (and largely gone a week or two early) and the new leaves are opening. They are fresh and green and well frankly... lurid. So sometimes being lurid too is no bad thing.
Like so:

Thats really pretty splendid camouflage don't you think? Perhaps even more so with a smattering of pollen like everything else. Just goes to show that most of the time we don't see them at all. This one isnt an adult but it is a pretty large nymph.

This is a cranefly of course, everywhere in the spring. But this is a Tiger cranefly Nephrotoma ferruginea. Striking colour, pattern and almost metallic blue eyes.

And finally for today.
Well he gave his all and now he's dinner.
She is a Common House Spider Parasteatoda tepidariorum.
I guess he was too because now theres an egg sac in the corner of the window frame unless MrsB spots it and then everything is toast.

Some people are just arachnophobes and there is no getting over it. 

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