Thursday, March 1, 2012

What Am I Doing Here Revisited

I'm pleased that February produced Banished's Bugs best crop of page views yet. Excellent for the shortest month of the year.

But it does make me wonder what the function is. In February, of 5 posts only 2 were remotely bug or even wildlife connected. Altogether there were 2 pictures of honeybees and two (old) pictures of Downy Woodpeckers.

Apart from that just 2 celebratory posts on 'early' music and an entirely self-indulgent musical posting from my own back catalogue.

Just out of interest the most popular all-time post on Banished's Bugs is.... (drum roll)

No bugs there either just cricket.

And the picture today?

Just one of those chances. Sun was going down on a summers evening and the fisherman turned up right in my line for the sunset. Casting his net out to catch bait for bigger things tomorrow. Normally I hate people in my pictures, ask Mrs B, but sometimes... 

Well the sun sets every night, but the man with the net casting into a river of light and making a picture that could be a thousand years ago doesnt always turn up.

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