Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Actual Bugs!

Yes it is official. The first damselfly of the year means that we are off and running. Its going to be a little slow yet, despite its being in the mid 70s yesterday and pushing 80 today. But that little fluttering thing perching awkwardly right in front of the low sun says that the real bugs are here for 2012. I couldn't give you a species as the newly hatched, teneral have very little in the way of colour or markings. I'll look a tlittle deeper though and see if I can get a species. There can't be that many possibilities this early in the year.
The blossom on our two trees out front is fully open and thankfully this year it hasnt been hit by torrential rain and wind just as soon as everything was looking good. And so the front yard (and the house when you open the door) smell like:

A) Cat pee in my opinion or
B) Old fish according to Mrs B. But then she hates fish.

Banished Jr. is undecided but he knows for sure which one is funnier.

Its been over 60 for several days now, since Sunday. I saw quite a  few butterflies around as we drove about on Sunday, mostly whites with some odd yellow flashes too. But all I've had in the garden so far is the good old Cabbage White just like blighty. But there will be lots more to come and I'm heading to Hoffler Creek Saturday morning while its still warm and before the anticipated rain comes in the P.M. Should be spring azures and falcate orange tips out there by now if not more.

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