Thursday, March 8, 2012

Juniors Ear

I must say I'm forced to grin every time Banished Jr's. voice pipes up  from the back seat 'Dad I want my playlist'

He has his own playlist on my iPod and when we are heading to or from daycare or to the shops (sorry the store) he likes to have his own selection now and then. It started with his favs, particularly the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack. But since then he has added to it. It used to be those songs where he would yell AGAIN! everytime they came on. But now we will be driving and he'll ask what something is and say he wants it on his playlist.  Things have come and gone because he also say 'I don't like that anymore.' But it is growing, slowly but surely. Why these? Well for some its because they had something he liked when he was younger, such as a chorus that sounds like laughter that made him laugh too which is the case with 'First of the Gang to Die' 

'He stole all hearts away -a- hey- a-hey-a-hey a-hey- way- a hey'

Others I don't have a clue; he just likes them. Good for him say I. Lets face it, he will discover the horrors of what passes for popular music soon enough.

The Banished Junior Playlist as it stood this morning:

Doctor Worm: They Might be Giants
He's grown up with TMBG Here Come the ABCs..the 123's and Here Comes Science. 
Black Cherry: Goldfrapp
I just can't convince him that the Felt Mountain album is better

Everybodys Happy Nowadays: Buzzcocks
Who'd have known when we played this to death on the jukebox in the Cock and Castle in 1979 that my nearly 5 year old would be singing it in Virginia in 2012

Irish Blood English Heart: Morrissey
His granny spoke to him on the phone at the weekend. "Its hard to understand him. He has an American accent" Well yes, he would I suppose. I did try to be the only person to speak to him for the language acquisition years....but it turned out to be impractical.
Sure 'Nuff And Yes I Do: Capt. Beefheart
I sneaked this one in and it stuck.
This is Halloween: Marilyn Manson
He prefers the Manson version from Nightmare Revisited. We had both once but the soundtrack version fell by the wayside.
Hoover Factory: Elvis Costello
No idea how he came to pick this obscurity. But he sat in back yelling 'HOOVER FACTORY!' pretty much before he could say much else other than mommy or daddy and so here it is.
Jack's Lament: Danny Elfman
This one is the original soundtrack
Time: Tom Waits
Of all the Tom Waits in the world he has to pick this one??

First Of The Gang To Die: Morrissey
See intro.

And one request currently pending:
Ewan McColl : The Cooper 'O Fife
Nickety Nackety Noo Noo Noo!


  1. A very impressive playlist for one so tiny. Good to see the Captain in there, and "Hoover Factory" is indeed an intriguing choice. I do feel, though, that some effort needs to be made to get him utterly smitten by Henry Cow, Art Bears, and quite possibly Cornelius Cardew.