Thursday, June 23, 2011

Stairway to....?

The sunset looked pretty spectacular tonight, mainly because there is a brush fire to the south just over the state line in North Carolina. The air is full of smoke to varying degrees according to the wind direction but it does have some pluses.

And as for the 'quiz' here is another shot of this iconic movie location, this time looking down.
And a view of the house that stands right at the top of the stairway.
The film's climatic scenes took place in a room which would have been behind that upper left hand window.  Though, in reality, the house is not quite as close to the stairs as the movie would have you believe. Indeed it isnt close enough for.... 

I'll post the answer this time tomorrow if nobody has solved the mystery.


  1. I know the answer!!! Its the stairway from The Exorcist!!!!! Cool!

  2. You've got it worm.

    Mrs.Banished and myself went to DC in March to see The Pogues and made a 2 day trip of it. We got into town, checked in our B&B before lunch and went to sit in a bar to decide on the rest of the days schedule. Hmmm what to do? Lets go find the Exorcist stairs! Enter Mrs. B's smarty phone and a quick google brought us the address in Georgetown.
    The house doesnt look quite the same as the filmmakers added a wing to bring Regans window closer to the stairs so it was possible to go out the window and head first down the stairway. And it has an ugly fence now no doubt to deter creepy us.
    It seemed to be a popular spot with fitness freaks who were running up and down the steps and then doing all manner of bizarre calisthenics on the very spot where Fr Karas breathed his last.