Sunday, June 26, 2011

Missed it!

Yes, I missed it!
 What we have here, observe the crack running up the centre of the upper third, is an empty pupal case. I swear I looked early this
 morning and it was still there. I didnt see any particular signs it was ready to go apart from a browning of the colours. But I went to the pond and came back an hour and a half later and found it like this. Hatched, wings dried and away! 

Well so much for that particular group. But there is another 'generation' following close behind and I expect some of them will be off to pupate tomorrow. There was a lot of moulting going on today and I think it was likely the last one based on the size.
Here is one only just shed. The old skin is right behind and the caterpillar looks very pale. The colours will darken quickly now the new skin is exposed to the light and air.

Something entirely new today though down by the pond. A moth I've never seen before identifed quickly by the folks at BugGuide as a Pearly Wood Nymph Eudryas unio. I wonder if there is a bit of a bird poo camouflage going on here. It had me confused at first when laid flat on a cattail leaf. But on closer examination it really is very attracive.
There was plenty of dragonfly activity though again most wasn't in decent range or was cruising without a pause. I saw several large Darners today but as usual nothing wanted to perch.
There were more and more Needhams Skimmers again and one did make use of my artificially placed perches.

And finally the first Four Spotted Pennant Id managed to get a shot of.  Later in the summer these will be perched on almost every fence post in the yrd and easy to approach, but as yet it was back to the long lens.

Four Spotted Pennant with Blue Dasher at 10 o'clock

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