Monday, June 27, 2011

Infant Assassins and others

These colourful little beasts are assassin bug nymphs and they are barely 2 mm long. They hatched a couple of days ago and have been sticking together in a little group since. Its not easy to tell the exact species at this age but its quite likely they will turn into Zelus luridus (Here)But before they make it that far, and most of them won't as the assassins will themselves be assassinated, they will pass through this stage.

And heres a damsel we don't see quite so many of. The large colourful Ramburs Forktail.  This is an orange form female.

This is a rather better picture of a Eastern Tailed Blue than one seasons first that I posted in May. Also this male shows the blue of the upper wing which mostly isn't visible when the butterfly is at rest.
Generally though, things are a little slow today and I'm rather waiting for the dozen big fat Swallowtail caterpillars of the lastest group to head out to pupate. I think thats going to be Tuesday. Fingers crossed for tracking down a few more pupae this time.

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