Saturday, September 6, 2014

From The Somewhat North

Still on the way to Maine but stopped about halfway for a day in upstate New York. So here are a couple of pictures from Sleepy Hollow on the Hudson. Headless Horseman and all.

The Sleepy Hollow cemetery of the Old Dutch Church. That's the one Michael Gambon gets pulled backwards thorough the window of, harpooned by a fence post, in Tim Burton's version (if that hadn't been shot in England.
Breakfast done on the road again.


  1. Oooo! You are in my neck 'o the woods now! The Washington Irving quote about the tulip tree that I put in my blog is from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow! The weather has been so hot this past week. I hope you are having wonderful warm weather for your trip.

  2. Honestly it was too warm in Tarrytown. 90 degrees and humid as home. But the front went through Saturday and it's much cooler behind. We came most of the way up I-91 right along the Vermont - NH stateliness. I'd never been in either state before as we normally follow the coast up

  3. I think I passed you on the highway!

    It was too hot here, too. I was kinda grumpy about it.