Thursday, July 31, 2014

The July Roundup

I did get the chance to grab a few shots around the backyard this week, not much brand new but this tiny beetle still pending identification. 
Update: Not a beetle but a bug, Sehirus cinctus, the White Margined Burrowing Bug.

The Grey Hairstreak isn't new to the blog but I haven't got to get a picture in a while. Most butterflies are very picky as to where they lay their eggs and so feed those caterpillars but the Grey is pretty much omnivorous. The list of food plants is long but I hadn't seen the Swamp Sage on the list. But this one is clearly laying eggs in this shot. I'll have to keep an eye out for the little cats in a few days.

I'm used to finding the little mobs of newly hatched true bug nymphs. And these little scarlet beasts are the most common. 

But thus is the first time I've found the eggs from which they had freshly hatched. You can see the line of brown eggs running along the stem and see too where the small red beasts busted out.
Well that's July done with and the weather for August looks set for 4 days of rain so it might be a while before there's too much else to post photo-wise.

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