Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Live From Fort Boykin

Out to the beach today with Banished Jr. at Fort Boykin the site of both revolutionary and civil war forts defending the James River. There's very little left to see of either fort not even on the ground. But there is a nice sandy beach and this morning it was totally empty but for Jr. and myself. And a heron and a number of Gannets and what I initially thought were some flies fliting around the damp sand at the waters edge. But on closer examination they turned out to dozens of Tiger beetles the species still to be determined. Certainly not the six-spotted though, I'm sure of that much. Very different to the emerald green beast back in April in Chesapeake
One of those days when I should have taken the camera but wanted to be unladened for paddling and playing. So you'll have to settle for the phone... live from Fort Boykin.
Fort Boykin beach, deserted... but for

Hairy Necked Tiger Beetle (Cicindela hirticollis )

Widow Skimmer on the walk back to our picnic.
Wheel Bug nymph (Arilus cristatus) spotted on a Mimosa by Jr.

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