Tuesday, August 20, 2013

More From The Mountains

Its rained at least a little every day so far and we are waiting for warm fog to clear this morning but there are things to see up here even when the suns not shining. I must say the evening rain and lack of a porch at this cabin is wrecking havoc with my early morning moth surveys.

A Round Headed Katydid of the genus Amblycorypha
A Scorpion Fly probably Panorpa nuptialis but really not showing off the 'scorpion tail' from this angle.
Caterpillar of the Orange Tipped Oakworm Moth (Anisota senatoria) . The moth looks nice too if I ever get to see one.
Black Stink Bug (Proxys punctulatus)
And a much better upper wing shot of the Hackberry Emperor than I managed to get last year.
We really havent got out and about too much yet so really not such a bad haul. But it will be nice to get up into the Park and especially into Big Meadows on Wednesday I hope.
But, not one single dragonfly on this stretch of the river yet. The river is a lot highter than last year and its not so easy to find basking spots. 

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