Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Nice Little Break

We are returned from our long weekend break for Mrs. B's birthday. We spent 3 days on the Eastern Shore of Virginia on the island of Chincoteague. Its out of season, very quiet, very cold but thats a lot of the pleasure. It will be heaving with visitors in the summer and plagued, as is every wetland in the Mid Atlantic, by bloody mosquitoes.
But we found a nice place with off season rates and an indoor heated pool right on the doorstep of the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge home at this time of the year to huge numbers of overwintering wildfowl.
 We just went to relax, wander, eat seafood and in my case take pictures. Even Jr. enjoyed the freezing cold windswept but empty and endless beach with its enormous Knobbed Whelks and Horseshoe Crab shells.
 And I got some of the best photo-ops I've had in an age. hell even the birds cooperated. Especially the hundreds of Snow Geese on the lagoons just behind the beach. Even I can take bird pictures when there ar so many to point the camera at,
And for cuteness there are the Chincoteague wild ponies
And not forgetting the endangered Delmarva Peninsula Fox Squirrel bigger and fluffier than your average grey'tree rat'
And more Herons and Egrets than you can, or would wish to, shake a stick at.
And we even got to visit the adjoining Wallops Island NASA Spaceflight Center and show Jr. the visitor center and explain that once upon a time men went to the moon and everyone else in the world was utterly enthralled. He didnt even know what an astronaut was!
He does now.


  1. Lovely pictures. 'I can smell the sea'

  2. But can you feel the cold? Wind chill made it feel like 10 below freezing


  3. Sounds like the weather we have had in Yorkshire this winter (and no compensating scenery in mucky, industrial Batley).

    1. Home of that mecca of popular entertainment The Batley Variety Club! Is it still there I wonder?

  4. Yes, it is still there (the uninspiring building that is) but is is now 'The Frontier' providing boozy nights out, discos, tribute band evenings, etc. for the young people of Batley.

    The only cultural architecture we have is one building, the Carnegie Library in Batley Market Square, and that is being sold to developers to help the Council to keep financially afloat.

    Oh for the days of mungo and shoddy.