Sunday, November 13, 2011

While The Sun Still Shines

Updated with IDs 11/14/11

All is not lost bug-wise even as we head for the middle of November I spotted a few stray skippers today out at Sleepy Hole Park, without the camera though.

Yesterday  there were still plenty of varied grasshoppers popping up at most every step.
Short-winged Green Grasshopper (Dichromorpha viridis) female.

Short-winged Green Grasshopper (Dichromorpha viridis) male.
And then when I put down the groceries to unlock the door, there was a single little beetle making its slow way up the frame of the porch chair.

As most everything I see here it was new to me. It turns out that its a Diurnal Firefly. That pink is an unexpected flash of colour on an otherwise flat grey beetle.

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