Monday, November 28, 2011

Because We're Optimists

Well I successfully managed to not photograph a grey heron flying low over the pond on Friday and apart from that there is not much moving but  short winged green grasshoppers now. This latter despite the temperature pushing 70f in the last weekend in November.

So instead of birds or bugs here is a tree.

A Wooden Tree by Ivor Cutler to be precise.

And for no other reason than that the track popped up on my digital music storage doodad in the car this morning and reminded me how lovely Ivor's work could be. It was also a favourite of my daughter when she was little and I'm now trying to pass the Cutler tradition to Banished Jr. I'm not sure whos responsible for the lovely little animation that accompanies it but it seems perfectly in keeping with the spirit of Cutler.

The spirited Ivor

"But we keep on singing,Because we're optimists"

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