Monday, September 12, 2011

Really Rather Quiet

The weather in the week after the hurricane was marvellous. It was cool, barely making 85F, pleasantly breezy and not humid. The last week, after the Labor Day holiday it got wet and sticky, as the torn up remains of hurricane Lee crawled up the east coast dropping huge amounts of rain.

But now we are back to what passes for routine around here and things in the yard and the pond are oddly quiet. I wandered down to the pond Sunday and again I startled  what appears to be a Green Heron and again it shot off across the pond to disappear into the willow thicket on the opposite side. I'm pretty sure it has set up home over there. I just wish I'd startle it a little less and that I'd have the long lens on one of these days. When I did get the lens switched out I at least caught this, also moving like lightening hence the blur. 

The Belted Kingfisher is one of those rare american birds that isn't flashier than its european cousin. Its white, slate and russet plumage is nice but it lacks the jewelled quality of the kingfisher I'm more used to seeing. It is a bloody sight noisier mind you.

This is a less action packed but much less fuzzy picture I took on vacation at Smith Mountain Lake in 2008. Got got up early to find this one perched on the deck rail overlooking the lake and got just one shot before it was gone.

 The Monarch is an iconic american butterfly, found from Canada to Mexico and migrating in huge numbers. They seem to show up in my yard later into the summer and into the fall.

Its interesting when the autumn does come to see them moving south as I drive north in the morning, crossing the James River following the Monitor Merrimac bridge or so it seems.

And actually you can get some great views from the bridge as you cross the river....providing Mrs B is driving at the time. Its also the best place to watch pelicans.
Sunset over the James River

And finally for today here is another of those bright little assassin bug nymphs. This one posing nicely on top of a little pyramid of Beauty Berries.

Next time yet more grasshoppers and the confusing world of skippers.

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