Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mummy (or Mommy) Mantis

When I left for work Friday, this mantis was sitting on the porch. When I got back in the afternoon I thought I'd check to see if it was still around. And sure enough there at the top of the mallow...

Its getting late in the season and the Carolina Mantis has turned this more interesting blend of grey, brown and khaki.

 Its Saturday now and last thing I looked she is stil there in the same spot, despite its having rained for 24 hours. I think the reason is that shes waiting to lay eggs when the weather dries up a little.

I had another mantis do exactly the same a couple of years ago in exactly the same shrub and managed to get some shots of the event. Boy do these beasts lay a serious batch of eggs. They're encased in a hard shell and they are going to stay that way until spring.

If  we get eggs this time I'll let you know.

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