Monday, August 22, 2011

Black Swallowtails...THATS what I'm talking about! That and Hurricanes... oh and Earthquakes.

UPDATED 08/24/11 12:00

After a summer of frustration, missing pretty much every single emergence of  a swallowtail, this morning it all went right.

As of Saturday there were 7 pupae perfectly placed for photography. There had been 8 but I missed one early Saturday by 10 minutes as usual. I expected this last batch to do their thing Sunday morning and was out there waiting bright and early. And of course...not a one of them emerged. So this morning, Monday, I was up with the sun and out on the deck and ready. If I didn't get them this morning it really was a blow-out for the year.
And just for once it worked out. 5 of the 7 emerged before I left for work this morning. There are still 2 remaining. I shall leave them in peace in the morning and have a sleep in.

That whole thing took less than a minute. The drying and expansion of wings took around 10 minutes more and away they went.

 Now Sunday we took another trip to the Botanical Gardens but that can wait until tomorrow. I spoil you as it is.

And talking of rain to help put out the Great Dismal fire... looks like we have it coming. Its called Hurricane Irene and looks likely to be passing awfully close by, some time on Saturday afternoon.

Make that passing right over the top of us Sunday morning as a category 1 hurricane. Or not...who knows. It might yet curve out further east and miss the coast entirely or it might not curve as far east as now expected and pass in-land of us to the west.  But as of 11:00 update its straight down the middle.

AND AT 13:55.
Well its one of those weeks isn't it? We just had a 5.8 Richter earthquake too. Bit of a bugger that.


Once again there is a shift and it does seem to be creeping slowly more eastward in its path. Weather Underground, the weather website we use to track storms  and rain here at work for sample gathering purposes, has the storm centre slipping by on the eastern side somewhat out to sea. It would still be tropical storm windy if thats right and we will get a serious soaking but its a lot better than a Cat 2/3 hurricane right through the area. Now the National Hurricane Center is still tracking a little further east and clipping the coast and giving us a  major hurricane but they too are very slowly nudging it eastwards. We shall see but for myself I hope Weather Underground is as good as usual.

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