Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Assassin Assassinated

This is  an assassin bug called Pselliopus cinctus. Only small but rather nicely coloured. And for an assassin bug not what you'd particularly call camouflaged. I took this pic last September.

And yes this is Pselliopus cinctus too only this one is an assassinated bug. 

After hurricane Irene, I went to check on the Argiopes spider in the rosemary bush. She has moved not long before the storm into a spot with more room to spread out and I wondered how this more open spot had faired in the 60-70 mph winds on Saturday. Well when I looked on Sunday I couldn't see any sign and thought she'd probably been blown all the way up to Maine. But I checked again Tuesday and there she was, having taken shelter for the duration and only lately re-emerged.

As I took this one, there was a flurry of activity as our Pselliopus flew into  the top left quadrant of the web and its fate was sealed in seconds. The assassin just isnt in the same league as Argiopes

Ever more species of grasshopper around the place though again I'll have to go to BugGuide for IDs. So many species and so many different forms as the species mature.
Short-winged Green Grasshopper - Dichromorpha viridis. Also short legged, as in short of one leg.
A female nymph of a Meadow Katydid, probably Orchelimum (or so I'm told by those who know far better than I)

I took the 2 huge pots of Basil inside over the weekend and now I've taken them back out they are proving to be very popular nectaring flowers especially with the smallest butterflies, the blues and the hairstreaks. Neither of these are bigger than my little finger nail.

This is a new shot of the Red banded Hairstreak that I ID'ed in the yard for the first time in June.

And this a nice upper wing of the Eastern Tailed Blue.

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