Saturday, May 28, 2011

What to do...and not to do... with a macro lens.

Its hot now, around 90 every day for the last 3 and looking like holding there all the long weekend.  But still its a macro photographer's nightmare with a stiff breeze blowing seemingly not stop. The late afternoon rains are welcome in the garden though.

Friday afternoon I went out right after work to see what I could see before Mrs. Banished got home with Banished Junior. I took my regular lense and my macro just to see whats what. And of course if you don't take your long lens... you need your long lens.  

One of two Woodchucks or Groundhogs, please yourself which,  spotted in the park across the street. It would have been so much better with the long lens.

We've had another good year for nests in the garden. We didnt have bluebirds in the bluebird house this year but then we had two broods out of there last spring. This year it's been occupied first by Chickadees and now by Carolina Wrens. The wrens have fortified the place with a fantastic construction of seriously chunky twigs. Its like an avian panic room in there.

There have been a number of Robins as ever and there are always lots of Redwing Blackbirds in the cat-tails round the pond. There were a pair of Cardinals somewhere up in the oaktree and Kingbirds and Mourning Doves in the pine. And last but not least there are the Brown Thrashers in the wisteria on the fence.
Female sitting on the eggs beginning of last week.

And a peek Friday at one of the 3 who hatched the beginning of this week.

Oh yes, the macrolens. It is Banished's Bugs after all. As I said, the wind is being a pain still but this Eastern Pondhawk was hunkered down in the middle of our corner bed getting a little shelter. This is a mature male. The immatures and the females are green and black.

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