Sunday, May 8, 2011

Listen To This

Its only the single edit. But this band  opened for the Pogues in DC in March and they were the best new band I've seen in years...and years... and years

You need the album The Monitor.

And epic is over used but yes the epic, Battle of Hampton Roads

Can't help but think, for all you old Brits out there, that Peely would have loved these guys.

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  1. Oh my.. I heard quite enough AT the concert Hon. Did I mention that the epileptic girl can NOT play a musical instrument? Did I mention their negative comments about the Pogues after the tour when they should feel honored to play with a band of the Pogues stature? Did I mention that their little front man - you know, the one with milk still on his breath - wouldn't make a pimple on Shane McGowan's bum? lol I still love you though..even if i do question your taste in music from time to time xx