Saturday, October 4, 2014

Garden Of Horrors Updated

OK so we are done with the garden decor for this Halloween season. We left it until later in the day as it was too warm this morning and it's annoying to be sweating like a pig in October putting out your decorations. So it was nearly dark by the time we were done and that's nice so far as taking the pictures is concerned . And using Hipstamatic adds some atmosphere.

Since Sunday's original post we have made an addition in the yard. Our new zombie baby was available on line only and then on back order. So he wasn't here in time for the big set up. But he arrived on Tuesday and has now joined his siblings at play around mum See Thru Cindy's feet.  Please join us in welcoming the delightfully named Stewie Barfington. 

Plus yours truly dressed for the big night and posing with "See-Thru Cindi" our latest life size prop.

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