Monday, August 18, 2014

More Than Just Bacon

More interesting finds in Smithfield on Saturday. I've driven by St. Luke's church many times but really hadn't paid it much attention. Let's face it, churches here are 10 a penny most having their own so called 'bishop' thanks to some theological diploma mill 'college'. Half of these are little more than storefronts shoved in there between the pawnbroker and the takeout pizza place. But while St. Luke's isn't visible from the road it's a surprise tucked away above the river amongst it's old grave yard and large trees. It turns out that this is the oldest church of English foundation in the USA and the oldest gothic building in America .  The "Old Brick Church" as it's known was founded in 1632 and that's about as old as it gets over here.

And not forgetting this place, that's been for sale for at least 4 years. Mrs. B would buy it in a heartbeat if only we had the $750,000 or so it costs. Oh yes the top of the tower is clad in copper.

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