Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Half Asleep Wholly Wonderful

Once more falling back on the Banished iPod for inspiration here is a favourite track from my favourite band of all time Henry Cow.

Founded in Cambridge in 1968 by Fred Frith and Tim Hodgkinson joined shortly thereafter by drummer Chris Cutler and home at various times of Geoff Leigh,  John Greaves, Georgie Born, Lindsay Cooper, Dagmar Krause and the semi detached Slapp Happy ( Peter Blegvad and Anthony Moore).

Their unique brand of Avant garde-agitprop-jazz-progrock-free improv continued until 1978 when they split and scattered their various talents to the four winds of musical weirdness.

Half Asleep- Half Awake is from the bands second album Unrest

Sorry the video for this is so ugly but it is the best sound quality I could find and thats what matters.

Henry Cow on stage.
Note comfy chairs and tasselled standard lamps. Very cosy.

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