Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Not Live ... But The Pictures Are Better

Pictures from Saturday's visit to Hoffler Creek. It is fun to be able to post pictures the way I did then, as they are taken. But while they really dont look bad on the phone....well they look diabolically bad once you look at them on the 'big screen'

So here are the Henry's Elfin, American Snout and Spring Azure from Saturday so you can see which is actually which.

And updating with the female Tiger Swallowtail shot on the same day. The female has much more blue than the male .


  1. The live pics may look diabolically bad to you but these look diabolically beautiful. The clarity of the images is so pleasing. And such lovely creatures!

    I have this kids book that I xeroxed a million years ago called "Insect Pets." I just found it the other day when I was cleaning out my cupboards. It is a sweet book about the insect world and how to catch and care for insects. "You can't hug a cricket or pet a praying mantid, but a cricket will sing for you and a mantid will take food from your fingers."

  2. What I like best about the Henry's Elfin (top) is those scattered green scales on the hind wing. Green is such a rare color in butterflies. Its common in moths... but then there are a million blue butterflies but pretty much no blue moths. I think its something to do with night and day visibility. The most striking green butterfly I know is the Juniper Hairstreak which i've seen just the once but happily with the camera in hand.

  3. I noticed those little green dots on the hind wing that you call scales so I agree with you that they are striking. I looked at your "up-in-mountains" post. To think that these gorgeous intricate tiny creatures are right under our noses and most of us never notice.

    Here is one for you from my blog... oh... wait... never mind... all my pics were somehow nuked out of my blog. WEEP CRY TEAR-OUT-HAIR. Ok. All better now. Tantrum over. I will look for the original photo and try to restore what I want to show you.

  4. YAY! I did it!

    It is just some ants, not a big deal, but when I turned over the leaf that day, well, you know, the ants just sorta spoke to me. And the photo is semi-decent, taken when I was still just trembling a little, not the shaking mess I am now.

  5. Nice ants. I struggle with them all the time too small and quick and my macro lense is great on whats sharp but the depth of focus is very shallow. I was trying to get some termites in a rotted tree on Saturday and they are so pale the autofocus struggles to pick them up.