Saturday, March 29, 2014

It May Be Raining But...

... the blossom is fully open. Looking wonderful and smelling like cat pee. Now if we could just get it sun-lit with a blue sky behind and lots of butterflies crowding around we would be good for the weekend.


  1. BEAUTIFUL! The blossom and the photo.

    I need a tree in blossom. I really do. It is 40 F and dripping today, so I have faith that progress is being made on spring up here. I tried to chip a drainage ditch in the ice in the chicken coop yard this morning becuase it is quite floody in there. Fail. The ground and the ice layering the ground are still frozen solid under all the water. It is going to be an hellacious mud season.

    #1 question: If it smells like cat pee is it a pear? I remember from living in SW Virginia that the ornamental pear trees were kinda stinky.

    #2 question: Have you ever been in an apple orchard in bloom? It is breathtaking -- not just metaphorically, but actually so beautiful it makes you short of breath for a moment.

    #3 question: How do you make your x-large photographs jut out to the right and not be truncated? When I try it they get cut off in a most unattractive manner.

    1. I'm unsure of the species I'm afraid all these plum and pears and cherries look rather similar to me

    2. But you may very we'll be right. I think it smells like cat pee; Mrs B thinks it's more like stale fish. I have been in an apple orchard in bloom there wre many old orchard about when I lived in Gloucestershire. And #3 I've honestly no idea about thd sizing. It only does that when I post straight from my phone. Today I remembered to crop it a little so it didn't jut out. When I'm using my real camera I resize before I post.