Wednesday, October 2, 2013

One Of Those Days

Some days you can look at the birth and death anniversaries list and see not a name that means much. But today seems to have been a huge date for musicians birthdays. At least for musicians I've heard of... for good or ill.

Don McLean 1945 (Ok, before my time and not my thing but I know who he is)
Richard Hell 1949 ( Television, Voidiods, Heartbreakers)
Mike Rutherford 1950 (Genesis before and after)
Sting 1951
Phil Oakey 1955 (The Human League)
Django Bates 1960 (Loose Tubes and lots more)
Sigtryggur Baldursson 1962 (Sugarcubes)
Gillian Welch 1967 ( Country/Folk/Bluegrass singer/songwriter)
Badly Drawn Boy 1969 (One of Mrs. B's faves)

And a few others yet who are far too young for me to have possibly heard of.

 So I'm going with Gillian Welch.

Her material is just so varied and almost always marvellous. Here is Time (The Revelator) , which was my introduction to her music courtesy of BBC Radio 3's Late Junction. That was about a dozen years ago which makes her a fairly recent addition to my musical universe.
 And on a 'lighter' note Look At Miss Ohio. Lets not forget guitarist  David Rawlings. Its difficult to imagine these songs without him.

And finally Elvis Presley Blues

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