Friday, April 26, 2013

Now We Are Two

Yes Banished's Bugs is two years old today.


And I imagine you'll be relieved that in celebration there is no An-t-agram today.


We survived 2 months at the height of bug season last year without the ability to post a picture (thanks Microsoft Update) but recovered through  the fall and winter.

Traffic isn't exactly what you'd call rush-hour everyday but its steady and steadily increasing.

You almost had a shot of a Gray Fox eating something in my backyard this morning, but the sun was just coming up and light was that little bit too low yet. I might see if I can do anything with what I did get and maybe post later. In the words of Phillip K Dick in Through A Glass Darkly 'Let's hear it for the vague blur!' 

But a song to celebrate the 2nd B'Day comes from a suggestion by Outa-Spaceman at the time of the 1st Birthday. Its his Birthday favourite.

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