Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Something Random In The State Of Denmark

"Once serving as an ammunition depot within Copenhagen’s old fortified naval base of Holmen, Frederiks Bastion functions as an exhibition space.  Built in 1744, the building was designed with reinforced walls to prevent widespread damage should the munitions be set alight."
And back almost as long ago, in 1995, it served as the venue for the 2nd Copenhagen Festival of Experimental Music. Certain Ants played there on August 5th as a part of that festival.

Leeds to Hull, Hull to Zeebrugge, across Holland, Belgium, Germany to the Baltic Sea, another ferry and into Denmark to Copenhagen. Stayed overnight in a cold water flat overlooking Kierkegaard’s tomb, played 40 minutes, drank beer, stayed the next night bought REAL Danish blue cheese and that weird Danish salty licorice and did the whole trip in reverse. I doubt we made any money but I guess we got our cost covered.

The beer ran out part way through the afternoon but my superior bar keeping skills allowed me to change the barrel much to the chagrin of drummer Raymond Strid who was convinced of his Swede's natural beer drinking expertise would make him the natural hero of the afternoon.

The mosquitoes were a real pain and Martin Hackett swatted one on the pure white wall of the performance space and didn’t that make a mess.

The second piece of the day can be found here.

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