Friday, December 14, 2012

Apparently Less Is Not More...MORE is More

We here at Chateau Banished don't go in for Xmas decorating in the yard as keenly as we indulge our halloween habit.

This is my feeble 2 penguins and a bush. Mine because it seems I am responsible for external decor where as Mrs B does the interior.

Banished Jr. though likes his yards a little on the gaudy side. We do a neighbourhood tour most evenings on the way back from school to see some of those 'enthusiastic' decorators. And Jr.'s favourite is the 'singing trees yard' named after the 3 lighted xmas trees at one end that flash on and off in time to the festive tunes from adjoining speakers.

This then is the 'singing trees yard'

The lights around the roof flash and morph through an array of festive shades and the big inflatable snowman 'shivers'

Tis the season to run up terrifying electricity bills it would seem.

I'm sorry to say that no useable photograph could be obtained of the other yard which contains only a inflatable snowman carrying a rifle and a gutted and bloody reindeer suspended head-down from a near by tree with a stream of red fairy lights 'trickleing' from its mouth

Shame I hear you all sounds delightful doesn't it?

This one sums up my general feeling on the whole yard wars thing.


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  1. There are so many reasons why this post nearly made me weep with laughter.

    (with you rather than at you of course.)