Friday, July 27, 2012

How Do The Angels Get To Sleep When The Devil Leaves The Porch Light On?

Its always fun to leave the outside light on when your out in the woods the way we are here. Your never sure what going to be outside when the morning comes. There are literally thousands of one type of tiny little moth I havent yet had a chance to identify or to get anything resembling a decent picture. But there are also plenty of interesting bigger beasts to look at when I get up and have my coffee.

Mostly  moths of course like this  Spotted Apatelodes (Apatelodes torrefacta) one of the Silkworm moths.

An interesting wingshape that reminded me of the Poplar Hawk back in the UK. But this is considerably smaller than the Poplar.

This is either a Greater or Lesser Grapevine Looper moth. BugGuide says the 2 are indistinguishable from photographs or, apparently, from DNA. If you can't distinguish by DNA then I'd call that the same species. But then I'm not a moth expert. A very weird pose though with the abdoment curved back up and over like that.

I love these black moths. I had the Mournful Thyris back in April in Portsmouth. But this one is a Desmia species. Either D. funeralis or D.maculalis again they can't be distinguished from a photograph. The common name is the Grape Leaf Folder.

On the window screen was this pale green beauty. It reminded me of the Malachite from the UK but this is the wonderfully named Green Marvel (Agriopodes fallax).

And lastly for the moths is this from the  Datana genus. Again there are a bunch of similar species and I'm waiting on some further ID.

There are plenty of day flyers too. This is a Hummingbird Clearwing (Hemaris thysbe).

Other than the nightlight moths there was this one this morning.
The ugly devil above, about 3 inches in length, is an Eastern Dobsonfly (Corydalus cornutus ). This is a female as she doesnt have the very large and freaky looking mandibles that the male does that wouild have added another half inch at the front end. 

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