Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Shane Day

Its December 25th again and its time to celebrate Shane MacGowans birthday.

It seems that while America continues its War Against Shane, by refusing to ever play A Fairytale of New York on any of those 'all christmas' radio stations that threaten to drive us all insane; it is number 1 in the UK all over again.

While its never going to be my favourite Pogues song, it is the only christmas ditty that doesn't instantly induce vomiting.

I finally got to see Shane and The Pogues this year and shambling as he was you can't say the man doesnt still have a sort of charisma. But you have to wonder what he could have achieved even half sober over the last 30 years.

Happy Birthday Shane and Happy Christmas yer arse.

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  1. Always brilliant..always charismatic.. always genius!!