Thursday, April 28, 2011

Talk of the devil...

No bugs right now, not because they aren't around, but because 30-40 mph winds are not kind to the macrophotographer. We've had storms whistling through for the last couple of days, though thankfully no tornadoes popped up as they did in many other places. 600+ tornadoes in April is quite extraordinary.

Just last weekend my wife and I were sitting out on the deck watching the Red Bellied and Downy woodpeckers when I mentioned we hadn't seen a Northern Flicker in ages. And lo and behold, when I got home through the nasty weather Wednesday afternoon what should I find perched on the fence? Not one but two Flickers hunkered down out of the wind and the rain.

Very noisy and active, weather permitting, it was great to see them in the garden again. They were  great favourites with   Audubon
These two both appear to be females as they lack the black 'moustache' lines running back and down from the beak. Totally unexpected, you have to love those happy chances.

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